Congratulations on locating Mathumo Attorneys! We are professional attorneys based in Pretoria, South Africa. We are one of the leading Attorneys and Administrators of Estates. Over the years and through our handling of prominent and other cases, we have been able to contribute positively to the South African Law sphere by setting an example and by rendering a high standard of service to our clients.

As attorneys and administrators of estates in Pretoria, our team will handle all aspects of your legal requirement within our practice areas. This allows us to become acquainted with everyday people such as yourself, to learn and to lend a hand. More than giving you professional advice and assistance, we love to serve.

One always needs an experienced, objective and sensible attorney to advise you appropriately and to handle your matter sensibly. Our practice was built through various partnerships and collaborations with attorneys over the years, and between all of us we have over 100 years of combined service experience in the legal sphere.


Our aim is to become a leading and most reliable law firm in Southern Africa with no peers when it comes to service excellence and professionalism.


Our mission is to work together with our clients and the community in finding sustainable and credible legal solutions to their legal matters through leveraging the latest information management systems to provide timely, accurate and relevant legal information and services.


  • Honesty and integrity
  • Pursuit of excellence and professionalism


The experience and outstanding academic qualifications of the founder, sets Mathumo Attorneys apart from its competitors. This enables the practice to provide superior value to the clients for a protracted period of time due to extensive investment of the practice to continuous education and training of its workforce including but not limited to the attendance of seminars, workshops and legal conferences to enable us to keep up with the latest developments in the legal field.

Superior value is achieved through striking balance between the benefits that our clients derive from making use of our quality services, which are customized, to their legal needs and circumstances and the reasonableness of our cost structure. All of this, is achieved through a simplified and user friendly legal language understandable by all our clients irrespective of their academic background, literacy level and standard in life. Cost benefit analysis is shared upfront and several options are presented to maximize the value for money and mitigate the risk of the service not fulfilling the needs.

\The aftercare program that the firm has, ensures that the quality of our services sustains the organization over a period of time and our clients become part of the firm by making referrals as a resuls of their satisfaction. Therefore, the competitive advantage of the firm is structured in accordance with the select framework. Central to the edge of the firm is its ability to leverage the latest information management systems tools to provide timely, accurate and relevant legal information and services. The firm also benefits a great deal from strategic partnership of working together with other well established legal firms on BIG contracts.